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Eurostar unveils worlds first onboard virtual reality experience

Fish1Eurostar has unveiled the world’s first onboard virtual reality experience that is designed to take travellers to the depths of the sea bed on their journey.

By using immersive smartphone headsets, travellers will be able enjoy the Eurostar Odyssey experience during peak travel periods for families.

As holidaymakers travel at high-speeds under the channel, they will enter the hidden depths of the sea bed using the virtual headset, and then be able to engage with sea creatures and search for sunken treasures.

The unique experience has been created to help keep children entertained on the journey, but also offer a completely new way of travelling.

Available for free, travellers can gain access by logging on to Eurostar’s onboard entertainment system using their own Apple or Android device.

Once activated, the roof of the virtual train withdraws to reveal a glass ceiling showing the underwater world.

Nick Mercer, Commercial Director, Eurostar, said: “Throughout the summer we’ll be giving younger travellers free headsets so they can enjoy an exciting adventure under the channel.”

The adventure is available on all of Eurostar’s new e320 and refurbished e300 trains that will run on services between London and Paris, Lille, Brussels, Lyon and the South of France.

All of the new trains in the Eurostar fleet offer Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as 300 hours of onboard entertainment services, including news, documentaries, films and shows.

This is not the first offering by Eurostar aimed at improving customers travel, they recently joined forces with Sony to launch the first ever ‘sound menu’.

Through the sound menu, passengers are able to listen to varying styles and tempos of music to relax, calm and focus themselves.

Neil Roberts, Head of Digital at Eurostar, insists Eurostar are always looking for innovative ways to improve and developed traveller’s experiences.

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Date Created: 24 July 2017

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