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Brits open to trying new experiences on summer holidays

Biking1British holidaymakers are going out of their comfort zone when away on summer trips, as they embrace new activities they weren’t expecting to do.

Research by Inghams Lakes and Mountains revealed that 59% of UK travellers are willing to try their hand at alternative experiences such as e-biking whilst on holiday.

These experiences can range from kayaking and scuba diving to renting a car and travelling across the country.

More than 2,000 people were involved in the survey, which revealed that those living in London are the most adventurous and open to trying new things whilst travelling.

Two thirds of London participants (66%) revealed that they are likely to try an out-of-the-ordinary or alternative activity whilst away.

Just over 75% of respondents insist it is necessary to research a summer holiday before travelling, and this is particularly important to those aged over 55.

The majority of respondents (57%) feel that the experiences and activities that they enjoy whilst on their summer holiday have differed from their expectations.

It seems that activities play a huge part in attracting travellers for a second time too, with just under a quarter (24%) indicating that if a destination offered a range of new activities they would revisit.

More than 30% of respondents indicated that they decide on a holiday destination because of a specific activity, but more often than not end up trying something different whilst they are there.

Harvey Gähl, head of purchasing for Austria, which is Inghams Lakes and Mountains’ biggest summer programme, said: “It’s great to see there is a real appetite for trying new activities on holiday and enjoying more adventurous experiences.”

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Date Created: 07 July 2017

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