Flying cars could transform tourism industry by 2035

Light1A new report has indicated that ten companies could be manufacturing flying cars within just five years, and that a knock-on impact on the tourism industry is expected by 2035.

The report from Frost and Sullivan showed that companies from across the globe including the US, UK, Slovakia, Israel and Japan could be producing flying cars by 2022.

Among the companies expected to launch flying vehicles are Terrafugia, Aeromobil, Ehang, E-Volo, Urban Aeronautics, Kitty Hawk and Lilium Aviation.

It is thought that by 2035 the flying vehicles will be used within the tourism industry as part of theme park rides, aerial sightseeing services or even as pay-per-ride air taxi services.

“The recreational potential of flying vehicles is limitless,” explained Sarwant Singh, senior partner at Frost and Sullivan.

A number of the companies identified in the report as being close to development have already completed at least one test flight using prototypes.

Netherlands-based PAL-V is further down the line and has already initiated the pre-sales of its Liberty Pioneer flying car, which the company aims to successfully deliver by the end of 2018.

The PAL-V model is expected to have a max speed of 160 km/h whilst driving, and be able to reach 180 km/h whilst in flight mode.

In order to achieve mass commercialisation, experts believe there needs to be improvements in safety features and an effort to create more affordable prices.

This news comes after the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority unveiled plans to introduce driverless flying cars in the emirate this year.

A traveller will be able to enter the vehicle and then select the destination using a touchscreen, with a ground-based centre monitoring and controlling the entire flight.

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Date Created: 19 June 2017

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