World’s cheapest city accommodation found in Kuala Lumpur

Night1Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, has been found to offer travellers the cheapest average accommodation costs across the globe.

A new survey by Campsy – an online booking platform – analysed the cost of hostels alongside various hotels and peer-to-peer accommodation services to work out which country boasts the cheapest prices.

Hostel prices in Kuala Lumpur were found to be as low as £6.29 a night, whilst peer-to-peer rooms are priced at £48.61 and a stay in a five-star hotel would set you back up to £220.05.

London was named as the 15th most costly in a study which looked at the accommodation in more than 200 cities.

A night in a London hostel was found to cost £20.67, whilst peer-to-peer rooms came in at £165.46 –unsurprisingly, a five-star hotel would set you back a massive £1,037.97 a night.

Monte Carlo has been calculated as the most expensive place to stay, with a night in a hostel adding up to £23.88 and peer-to-peer rooms coming in at £162.90, whilst a five-star hotel accommodation would cost you an eyewatering £2,136.50 a night.

The survey also looked at the cost of campsites around the globe, with the cheapest in Hamburg adding up to £5.97 a night, whilst the most expensive was in Ticino, Switzerland, costing £44.35.

Following Kuala Lumpur as the least expensive cities are Skopje in Macedonia, Tirana in Albania, Antalya in Turkey and Sofia in Bulgaria.

St Tropez, Reykjavik, San Francisco and New York followed Monte Carlo as the most expensive destinations when it comes to accommodation.

Campsy, Chief Executive, Philipp Hillenbrand, said: “We hope that our research empowers readers to gain more from their holiday budget this summer, and perhaps encourage camping as their accommodation of choice.”

If you thinking of travelling abroad this year and using a campervan, make sure you have adequate excess insurance in advance.

Date Created: 12 June 2017

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