How can you take the stress out of planning your summer holiday?

Travel1We all dream of being on that sun lounger, relaxing with a cocktail in-hand, during our summer escape. However, unfortunately for us, before you can put your feet up you have to plan your trip.

A survey conducted by revealed that 30% of Brits believe that planning a summer holiday is a stressful ordeal.

Planning early is a great way to avoid rushing around before you are about to jet off, but what exactly should you make sure you tick-off the checklist?

Are you all covered?

No matter what type of holiday you are about to enjoy, getting yourself covered with insurance should be a priority.

 The cost of a policy – the average of an annual one is around £37 – far outweighs the cost of replacing one of your gadgets if it gets damaged or covering the medical costs if you find yourself in an accident.

Knowing that you and your possessions are covered will instantly take some of the stress out of your holiday and give you peace of mind when you are letting your hair down.

Getting about on your holiday

Let’s face it, none of us like an hour long coach journey from the airport to the hotel or queuing up for a taxi, so renting a car may be the best option for your holiday.

Organising a rental car gives you the freedom to explore in your own way, so have a look online and try and find the best deal – you can save on the insurance too if you look around.

Pack early

Arguably the most stressful thing about going on holiday is packing; somehow it always gets left to the last minute, meaning you tend to forget at least one thing.

Getting everything sorted early will mean you can focus your efforts on other things, but also mean you have plenty of time to stock up on anything you need, such as sun scream or a new book.

If you’re thinking of travelling abroad this year, make sure you organise all your travel insurance extras in advance

Date Created: 09 June 2017

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