APH guide aims to assist travellers driving in Europe

Highway1A new guide to help travellers navigate European roads safely has been launched by Airport Parking and Hotels (APH).

Driving laws around Europe can vary widely from those established in the UK, and it is hoped that the guide will help travellers feel more comfortable on the roads while on their holiday.

Nick Caunter, Managing Director at Airport Parking and Hotels, explained that it aims to ensure that drivers know the rules and regulations ahead of arriving in a destination.

Covering 20 destinations in Europe, the guide features road signs that British drivers might not recognise, as well as a table outlining the difference in drink driving rules and speed limits.

Speed limits across Europe can vary greatly, with some residential areas in Belgium and Poland restricting speed to 20km/h whilst Germany’s famous Autobahn has a ‘suggested’ speed limit of 130km/h.

Bad weather conditions can also have an impact on speed limits in some countries – in France, for example, the limit drops to 110km/h from 130km/h in inclement weather.

Across the continent, there are also differing attitudes towards legal drink driving, with the Czech Republic employing a zero-tolerance policy, whilst Malta has the same level as the UK.

Drivers should also be aware that 19 countries require motorists to carry items with them on their travels, including reflective jackets and warning triangles, whilst 10 state that drivers should have dipped headlights on at all times, even during the day.

Renting a car and travelling across Europe has grown in popularity in recent years, with Europcar in particular seeing a high level of growth.

Travellers have often expressed apprehension about the idea of driving on different roads that have various laws, but the new guide aims to change that.

If you’re thinking of travelling around Europe this year and plan to hire a vehicle, remember to check your car hire excess insurance in advance to see if you could save.

Date Created: 08 June 2017

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