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How can you avoid adding extra costs to your holiday?

With summer just around the corner, many of us will be packing our bags and jetting off on holiday for some much-needed sun and relaxation.

However, before you set foot on the plane you should start thinking about how you can avoid adding extra charges to your holiday.

Even if you have managed to bag yourself an all-inclusive deal, you can quickly find a few extra costs eating into your holiday budget, so here’s a few things to look out for.

Get your gadgets covered

You will have no doubt read about it in the news, but in March this year the UK announced a cabin luggage ban on laptops and tablets on passenger flights from certain airports.

As it stands, passengers flying to the UK from Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, Lebanon or Saudi Arabia must put devices in their hold luggage, which can make them exempt from travel insurance policies.

In order to avoid having to fork out for any damages or replacements if they get lost, get in touch with your insurance provider to make sure they are covered.

Think about your car hire

No matter where you are travelling, exploring is a lot easier when you have a car at your disposal, so hiring one is definitely something you should start thinking about early on.

Although hiring a car has the potential to make your holiday, it can throw up some issues that you need to look out for first.

When you hire a car, insurance is included, but you might find that it comes with some high excess-charges – a sum of money you have to pay to cover the cost of an accident before the policy becomes active.

You can find an alternative to the insurance that comes with the car, and it can cost significantly less than you expect – get a quote today and find out for yourself.

Sort your travel money

Doing your research is vital if you need to change money for your holiday. The more time you have to compare rates, the better deal you are going to get.

Leaving it to the last minute will mean you end up exchanging currencies at the airport and you’ll often find their rates are considerably lower than what is available elsewhere.

If you’re thinking of travelling abroad this year, make sure you organise all your travel insurance extras in advance

Date Created: 25 May 2017

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