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Car rental customers reveal diesel preference

Fuel1Two thirds of car rental customers prefer diesel vehicles when hiring, new data from Europcar has revealed.

Many opt for a diesel car because they can travel further on a gallon of fuel than petrol cars, while filling up is always very low on a traveller’s list of priorities.

Modern diesel cars are all Euro 6 emissions compliant – a standard which aims to reduce levels of harmful car and van exhaust emissions in petrol and diesel cars – which means the majority of drivers have no qualms about using one.

Despite this, electric cars were found to be unpopular amongst rental customers, with nearly eight in ten people saying they would not rent one.

This lack of interest has largely been put down to travellers concerns about how much mileage they can get from an electric car in comparison to petrol or diesel.

Engineering advances on diesel engines now mean they are extremely similar to a petrol in terms of performance and refinement, which was not the case five or ten years ago.

As a result, diesel cars fuels costs tend to be cheaper than the equivalent petrol car, as well as being more efficient by about 8mpg (based on tests of 249 cars that all meet the latest Euro 6 emission limits).

In an added benefit, the Government’s recently published proposals for improving air quality across the UK clearly state that the new Euro 6 diesels will not face any penalty charges anywhere in the UK.

All of this makes diesel cars the preferred options among leisure drivers and business travellers who are hunting for transport that gives them a stress-free drive.

If you’re thinking of going away this year, be sure to organise your car hire insurance in advance.

Date Created: 22 May 2017

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