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Price the biggest concern for student travellers

Back1Price continues to be the biggest concern among student travellers, according to new research from a youth travel booking service.

The survey from StudentUniverse – which polled nearly 5,000 students to learn more about their booking habits – found that price was the greatest worry when booking travel for 90% of students.

In order to keep costs down, as many as 65% indicated that they would take a flight with one or more stops if it meant saving some extra money.

Well over half (60%) said that they would fly to a less convenient airport if it meant making savings, whilst 64% book the cheapest fare they can find.

Student travellers also revealed that they were willing to trade off convenience for even modest benefits, with 71% saying they would do so to save between £40-£80.

This urge to find savings may be down to the fact that 64% of student travellers are paying for their own travel.

“Many students look at a number of other factors, including connection time, airline reputation and baggage fees. More than ever consumers are educated and looking closely at exactly what they will be getting for their money,” said Rebecca Heidgerd, Director of Marketing, StudentUniverse.

Somewhat surprisingly, nightlife was a priority for less than 4% of the respondents, with 41% looking to enjoy off-the-beaten-track experiences.

This may be because nearly a third of students indicated that they prefer to travel solo so they can operate on their own schedule.

Despite 22% of students searching for travel on mobile apps, 72% do not end up booking on there, instead opting to complete it on desktop devices.

Nepal, Thailand and India top the list of cheap student backpacker destinations according to Student Universe.

Other popular choices include Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Nicaragua, Peru and Costa Rica, while those looking closer to home may want to consider Turkey or Albania.

If you’re thinking of travelling abroad this year, be sure to organise your student travel insurance in advance

Date Created: 18 May 2017

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