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Interactive map helps holiday planning around the weather

Choosing your next holiday by finding which locations offer the exact mix of weather conditions you like is now easier thanks to a new innovative interactive map.

The digital tool takes into account your own preferences for a range of weather factors and comes up with the ideal destinations around the world. Its creator Ryan Whitaker has come up with a way to find which places will deliver your desired minimum, maximum, and average temperatures for a particular week of travel, and also factors in a rainfall filter to the search.

Local knowledge

With a background as a former SQL programmer, Whitaker is familiar with data-crunching and so created the new tool after finding that there was a lack of information available to travellers regarding likely weather conditions.

“I would search for things like ‘the best places to go in a certain month or the best time to visit a city’ and what I was finding was either very local-centric information on events or articles where I would get the impression that they were written by people who didn’t really have local knowledge of the destination,” Whitaker explained.

A decade of data

The interactive map uses 10 years' worth of information from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and takes into account data sourced from more than 10,000 weather stations around the world.

Although there are some limitations, such as a lack of weather stations in developing countries and some rural areas, the tool uses Tableu software for an easy experience for end users. Whitaker himself travelled the world last year and used the map to determine where to travel to next – a version of it is available via his blog post on DecisionData.org.

The creator of this new concept said it came about because he can be particular about places where the temperature is scorching hot or too cold.

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Date Created: 24 April 2017

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