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Will The Middle soon be the best seat on a plane?

In 2014 a study by easyJet found that seat 7F was the most in-demand seat when it came to European fliers, mainly because on the carrier’s planes these are the closest to the front that can be reserved for the cheapest price.

However, on long haul flights things might be set to change as many people who currently hate being stuck in the middle seat could find a new design makes it more desirable than either window or aisle choices.

Stagger seat

Denver-based airline interiors firm Molon Labe Designs has come up with the “Stagger Seat” which places the middle seat set back a few inches from those either side. Not only that, but it is three inches wider so it offers more comfort as well as a little distance from your neighbours.

The staggered layout means adjacent seats don't lose any width and the extra space gained also allows for a larger in-flight entertainment system, which at around 18 inches wide is comparable to the ones offered in business class.

There's also good news for anyone who hates the 'armrest challenge', as Molon Labe Designs CEO, Hank Scott, explained: “If you’re in the aisle or window seat, you couldn’t possibly steal the entire armrest – your elbows would be behind your back at a weird angle.”


Although the new design only works in rows with an odd number of seats, meaning it won't be a solution for all aircraft, the company is addressing the issue. The stagger seat still needs approval by the US Federal Aviation Administration before passengers can reap the benefits too.

However, the “Side-Slip Seat” design first unveiled by the same designers in 2013 has already passed its initial crash tests and is expected to be certified and installed on planes by the end of this year, according to Mr Scott.

This sliding aisle seat shifts up and over the middle seat in a row of three, allowing passengers to board more quickly as the aisle can be made wider.

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Date Created: 11 April 2017

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