Hotel in the Netherlands offers the high life experience

One of the things that many people look for from their hotel booking is a 'room with a view' and in Holland there is a new way to ensure everyone gets exactly what they want.

The new Crane Hotel Faralda is the second crane hotel in The Netherlands and it comes from the same people who previously set up a hotel room in a life boat. Now anyone who has a good head for heights can enjoy spending the night in a luxury suite which is suspended four stories high and which is located in a crane, such as those used in the construction industry.

Offering something out of the ordinary

Previously a secret known by international DJs, VIPs, CEOs and Royals families, Crane Hotel Faralda has three five-star suites – named Spirit, Secret, and Mystique – and also a panoramic lounge, all of which give amazing views. Louis Vuitton, Heineken, Villeroy & Boch, Grohe, Samsung, Red Bull, James Bond and many others brands have held parties and events there.

Two panorama elevators provide access to the top of the crane and there is one entry point which is constantly monitored for security.

The hotel rooms are built into the crane and range from being 114 feet to 164 feet high. The highest suite comes with its own open-air hot tub and the crane is located on a dock which gives spectacular views over land and sea.

A landmark feature

The hotel, which is located in Amsterdam, was nominated in three categories at the European Hospitality Awards 2015 for 'Innovation in Service of the Year', 'Best use of Technology' and 'Hotelier of the Year'.

Permission for the hotel took four years to achieve and now the unprecedented concept has been a landmark feature. Because of its impressive structure and height, a stay in the crane offers privacy and an exclusive ambience which comes with full service.

For any Daredevils who really love heights, you can even leap off the 50-metre high crane via a rope jump with a swing of at least 90 metres and a free fall of tens of metres at a cost of €85.

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Date Created: 10 April 2017

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