Panoramic windows will give flyers spectacular views

Flyers who love looking out of the windows on a flight will love the new Skyview Panoramic, an innovative new design developed for Boeing by aerospace firm Fokker Technologies.

The new style of aircraft window will be the largest of its kind on any passenger aircraft, measuring 4.5 feet x 1.5 feet, and will offer unrivalled views from 35,000 feet from next year.

However, the new windows will only be certain corporate flights – the only aircraft slated for the improvements so far are the new Boeing Business Jet (BBJ), BBJ2 and BBJ Max. Other existing Boeing corporate aircraft may also get upgrades should owners request them.

Innovative technology

Makers Fokker first proposed the Skyview Panoramic several years ago, but FAA and EASA approval has only now been granted.

Peter Somers, President of GKN's Fokker Services business, explained: “We are proud to announce the next step for the Skyview Panoramic window together with Boeing Business Jets.

“The innovative technology applied in the largest window in the market, enhances passenger comfort and is now also available for BBJ MAX airplanes.”

Luxury features

The new windows dwarf those of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner which launched in 2009, and whose 1.5 feet windows are only as long as the Skyview Panoramic is high.

Of course, private jets are already packed with high end features that go far beyond those even available to first class travellers on normal flights. The Dreamjet concept from US-based Kestrel Aviation Management is set to be the latest in a long line of luxury aircraft.

The company plans to convert a 787 Dreamliner which usually carries between 240 and 335 passengers into a 40-passenger plane that is more like an airborne penthouse. With an entertainment and study lounge, dedicated dining spaces and en-suite master bedroom, the design is completed by hardwood floors and hand-tufted carpets.

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Date Created: 03 April 2017

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