Airline to offer 'nice' people an upgrade

Monarch Airlines has promised that they will give customers who they think are ‘nice’ a free upgrade.

The reward for ‘nice’ people from the budget airline will take the form of a seat with extra legroom and a priority check-in service – altogether this will be worth more than £50 to those chosen.

The decision on whether someone is nice enough to warrant the upgrade will be made when passengers book flights over the phone and will be given to those who are friendly to customer service staff.

10 upgrades

Monarch customer service reps should be in for a much more pleasant time as news of the offer spreads, and each member of the service staff will be given 10 upgrades a week that they can award to customers of their own choosing.

The perks will be valid for each traveller booked in the transaction and Monarch have made it clear that customers would most likely only be told of the upgrade “towards the end” of a call and that the decision was at the “absolute discretion” of the member of staff involved.

Positively nice

Nils Christy, Chief Operating Officer of the carrier said: “Our customer services staff are already nice - now they can reward those who are positively nice to them, too.”

The company said that the idea behind the new initiative, which is part of a yearlong campaign, was “to promote traditional values of chivalry, courtesy and respect”.

Monarch credited a study carried out by Goldsmith University into the links between being nice and happiness, health and success as giving them the impetus to set up the new approach to customer relations.

Christy explained: “Everyone benefits from niceness. Planes depart more punctually; staff and customers are happier and it improves the travelling experience for everyone.”

The airline is not the first to use a similar approach, in 2015 sandwich and coffee chain Prêt a Manger encouraged their staff to give free coffees to people they thought looked sad, friendly or attractive.

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Date Created: 16 March 2017

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