US visitors to UK see benefits of weak pound

The way that Sterling is performing on international money markets means that a weak pound equals better value and lower costs for US visitors coming to the UK.

With Paris still struggling to attract anywhere near record numbers of visitors following a spate of terrorism, London is becoming the most attractive of the major European capitals for many American tourists who also enjoy the fact that there is a shared language and many other cultural familiarities.


After the UK voted to leave the European Union last year and with complex and lengthy negotiations about to begin, there continues to be some concern on the other side of the Atlantic that things might change for American tourists planning a UK visit this summer.

However, any real changes are unlikely to occur before 2019 at the earliest and at the moment the situation is working in favour of US visitors.

Uncertainty concerning the future UK trade with the rest of the world has meant Sterling has fallen to near-record lows against the dollar, with the result that Americans should find their money going much further and everything being more affordable than before.

No worries for Americans

American tourists also shouldn't have any fear about greater travel restrictions as nothing has changed so far in terms of visitor and visa requirements. This means that holders of US passports are not required to obtain a visa if they are staying in the UK for less than 90 days.

“It’s highly unlikely to see any changes.” Benjamin LeRuth, a research associate at the University of Kent, explained, “They should not be worried.”

“The pound is going to remain low indeed because Brexit negotiations are expected to start in April,” LeRuth continued, adding that visitors from the US “can find it is a good opportunity to go shopping”.

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Date Created: 07 March 2017

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