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British ‘traveller-selves’ revealed by Eurostar

PhotographyNew research by Eurostar has revealed that British travellers mostly enter into a travel state of mind which changes their attitudes to various things.

These ‘traveller-selves’ think differently about food, technology, relationships and even money, the new report claims, and it goes on to suggest that as many as 65% of British travellers are affected.

Liberated from norms

Psychologist Honey Langcaster-James said: “When people are away from their everyday routines and environments they are liberated from the norms of their usual lives and free to try new things.

“Travelling gives us the subconscious message that the usual rules do not apply and we can be free to behave how we want to a large extent.”


The report found that travellers are less inhibited, as 53% of those that took part in the survey said they are more comfortable talking to a stranger while they are abroad. However, social media use drops with mobile devices being increasingly turned off as 59% said that they spent less time on social platforms than they would usually do when they were at home.

Two thirds (66%) of people said culture became more important than TV and 70% said they were watching less of their favourite shows as visits to museums, galleries and concerts took precedence.

When it comes to food, our ‘traveller-selves’ are more adventurous, with 67% being willing to try new foods and the same number ditching diets to indulge themselves. More than half also said they focus more on their appearance and dress up more than they do at home.

Commercial director at Eurostar Nick Mercer commented: “Our research shows that people have a state of mind which is more open and inquisitive when they travel.”

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Date Created: 24 February 2017

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