New clothes could soon remove need for hand luggage

A new jacket/coat combo could mean that the days of worrying about exceeding your carry-on baggage allowance might soon be over.

The brainchild of Andrew Benke and Claire Murphy, who own an Australia-based marketing company, the multipurpose jacket design includes 14 deep pockets and two additional detachable pocket panels.

Their stylish looking 'Airport Jacket' comes with claims that passengers could travel with up to 15 kg of luggage kept on their person, thus avoiding baggage hassles and potential fees.

Convertible coat

The convertible coat can be worn in three ways, either as a hip-length waist coat with eight pockets, a three-quarter length jacket that offers 11 pockets or a full length coat with 14 pockets.

Two extra detachable panels come with three extra pockets that can alone hold up to six kilograms of goods. This means that up to 16 items such as a 13 inch-laptop, a tablet, a mobile phone, charging plugs, a camera and an extra camera lens could all be stowed away.

The makers claim that the full length version can hold a pair of jeans, two pairs of shorts, three T-shirts, a light pullover, four days worth of underwear and even two pairs of shoes. Of course, even with all this, there will still be room for your liquids bag, wallet and passport.

The jacket also comes with a detachable 55 cm x 40 cm x 25 cm duffel bag in water-resistant fabric which can take the fully stuffed Airport Jacket and is carry-on sized to fit underneath your plane seat.

Travelling in style

The trench coat design is a stylish double-breasted, collared jacket and comes in different designs for men and women. A summer version is made from a lightweight water-resistant 600 denier polyester material and a winter version is manufactured using 100% wool.

The new Airport Jacket is the latest in a growing trend for multifunctional travel clothes. BauBax launched in 2015 and has 15 built-in features including a neck pillow, hood, eye mask, gloves, drink holder and pockets for tablets, phones and all their accessories.

The year before, the SeV Women’s Trench from American brand Scottevest was the first multi-pocketed trench coat aimed at the traveller, with 18 hidden pockets and a special ‘Weight Management System’.

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Date Created: 20 February 2017

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