New pet terminal for flying animals

One big worry for pet lovers who want to take their animals abroad could be coming to an end as the world’s first privately-owned animal terminal is unveiled.

Pampered pets arriving at New York's JFK airport will soon be making their way through a state of the art terminal of their own, meaning that animal lovers worried about their pet's comfort and safety can rest easy in future.

The Ark is a 24-hour facility and the first of its kind in North America. Opened this week, it is expected to become fully operational by the summer and then ensure safe passage for 70,000 animals each year. The new facility stretches over 178,000 square feet and has cost £52m ($65million) to develop.

As well as the more common pet travellers of dogs and cats, other animals such as horses and birds will also be catered for. Extra services such as veterinary and grooming offerings will also follow at a later point this year.

Most airlines and airports already have areas designated for pets but the Ark says it is providing a streamlined pet travel service with specialist care, as opposed to animals being left to baggage handlers trained to only deal with luggage.

The Ark’s CEO John J Cuticelli explained: “Transporting live cargo by plane can be a complex and arduous process for owners and animals alike. 

“Our goal is to create a more efficient and safe process by reducing the need for additional travel and offering trained animal care staff immediately pre- and post-flight.”

JFK is the fifth busiest airport in the county and is New York’s primary flight facility, handling 57 million passengers every year.

The Ark is the latest development in a trend that has already seen the ‘world's first’ five-star hotel for cats open in Malaysia. Catzonia features spa and grooming services in climate-controlled rooms.

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Date Created: 16 February 2017

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