Big seat trend continues with new offer from WOW

Wow air is looking to entice more business travellers to choose its offerings with new 'Big Seats'.

The carrier is introducing the bigger business seats along with other innovations in an effort to attract the corporate travel market.

WOW air’s Airbus A330s on long-haul routes such as Los Angeles and San Francisco will benefit from a new cabin featuring seats with 37 inches of leg room and a footrest – a significant upgrade on the airline's regular 30 inches.

Price bundles

There will be three price bundles at special offer rates available until midnight on 12 February.

WOW Biz will start at £156 for a personal item, carry-on bag, checked bag along with seat reservation, cancellation protection and priority boarding available from 1 March. The package also includes a complimentary hot meal and drink as well as the larger seat.

WOW Plus from £79 includes personal items such as a purse, computer bag or small backpack, a size-restricted carry-on bag plus a checked bag, cancellation protection and a seat in economy. The final package starts at £32 for WOW Basic which is an economy seat and a personal item that must fit under the seat in front.

The special offer prices are available for return trips from London Gatwick, Bristol and Edinburgh to any WOW air destination for flights taking place between 10 February and 10 June 2017.


However, WOW customers will be able to purchase the new larger seats as an add-on outside of the WOW Biz package, as well as various fast track options.

Skuli Mogensen, founder and CEO of the airline said: "We have worked hard to lower the price of airfares across the Atlantic to give more people the opportunity to travel. Now we intend on lowering the prices for business by providing many of the same services for a much better price."

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Date Created: 09 February 2017

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