Travel brands are embracing tours and activities

A number of big travels brands, including the likes of Expedia, Airbnb and TripAdvisor, have begun to embrace online bookable activities and tours.

Figures from Trip Advisor show that there has been a 35% rise in its non-hotel offerings, which include attractions, restaurants and vacation rentals.

The steep growth is in stark comparison to the travel brand’s hotel segment which dropped by 6% despite it being three times as big.

Travel companies have had to deal with the fact that bringing tours and activities online can be extremely difficult, which is why they have tended to focus on what they consider to be the most-wanted attractions.

Airbnb recently launched Magical Trips as they aim to influence a greater part of traveller’s trips, rather than just the accommodation.

The add-on travel services have been launched in a dozen cities and Airbnb is aiming to look after its own tours to ensure travellers have a unique and memorable experience.

This is the opposite to the road TripAdvisor went down, as they acquired tours and activities provider Viator, who now aim to bring as many options to travellers as possible.

Tours and activities within the travel industry have become focused on mobile, with Google’s Trips app suggesting itineraries to users based on their location.

Artificial intelligence is also being used by, who use the technology to make tour suggestions based on personal preferences, weather and time.

Consumers are increasingly able to book attraction visits online in advance, and Trafalgar – who provide guided holidays to over 200 destinations worldwide – has gone a step further by introducing a human element.

Participants on tours are now able to journal and share photos on an app, giving them a much more personalised experience.

Travel brands are beginning to take note that consumers want their tours and activities on-demand, much like they do when ordering an Uber, or when purchasing food on Deliveroo.

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Date Created: 27 January 2017

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