UK families spending more on overseas holidays

UK families are spending more on overseas holidays than ever before, creating a generation of tiny travellers, according to new research from Heathrow.

Figures show that the average British parents spent £29,962 on holidays for their children, with one in five (19%) kids going away seven or more times in 2016 when taking into account family holidays, school trips and vacations with friends.

Children have named a trip to New York as their ideal destination for a holiday next year, with many putting it down to the growing popularity of American television shows.

The current generation of children are also dreaming of travelling to experience the wildlife and picturesque scenery of Australia, with nearly a quarter (23%) of children naming it as their dream destination for 2017.

Following Australia, were Hawaii (13%), Mount Everest (11%) and Thailand (10%), making up a diverse list of dream holiday destinations for children.

In contract, parents were found to be dreaming of destinations a little closer to the UK, with the likes of Mallorca (17%) and Tenerife (17%) topping their holiday wish lists.

While swimming (46%) and camping (23%) were named as the favourite childhood holiday activities of today’s parents, the children of today are thrilled by more extreme activities.

The current generation of children are more excited by activities such as scuba diving (18%), safaris (14%) and jet skiing (12%).

As holidays become more action-packed, figures show parents are now spending £2,333 on an average family holiday and around £616.47 per child – totalling £29,962 on holidays over the course of a childhood.

In order to ensure their children are able to capture the spectacular moments of their holiday, 15% of parents will buy them a new SLR camera, video camera or iPhone.

If you’re thinking of travelling abroad this year, be sure to organise your family travel insurance in advance.

Date Created: 05 January 2017

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