Hotels with keyless entry on the rise

Hotel KeysHilton and Marriott are among the growing number of hotels to be embracing keyless entry into rooms via mobile technology.

Both of the huge U.S hoteliers are expected to triple the number of properties that enable guests to use a smartphone as a room key in the coming year.

By the turn of the year, Hilton Worldwide is expected to have 700 keyless-entry hotels across the U.S, Canada and Singapore – a substantial increase on the 91 it had at the start of 2016.

Marriott International meanwhile has 204 hotels to date that offer this form of entry, although that figure will rise considerably.

Dana Shefsky, Director of Digital Product Innovation at Hilton, has revealed that the group aims to have 2,500 hotels with keyless-entry rooms by the end of 2017.

Meanwhile, all but 24 of the hotels belonging to Starwood Hotels and Resorts – acquired by Marriott in September – have keyless entry.

The feature works by employing a loyalty-program app that guests use to receive special codes for rooms. Doors can then be unlocked by holding a device with a valid code near to the lock.

Ms Shefsky said that feedback from guests to the move has been “overwhelmingly positive” while Marriott’s Senior Vice President of Digital, George Corbin stressed the need to ensure it works every single time it is used.

If technical issues can be overcome and do not occur, then the new form of room-entry could transform the hotel experience for travellers.

By offering the digital service, there also another point of contact between the guests and the hotel chains, enabling the hoteliers to focus on greater customer engagement.

Others are also in the process of setting up similar features and spokeswoman Taylor Cole expects keyless-entry to be the norm in the future.

Should hotels across the world adopt the technology, then hotel check-ins could quickly become a thing of the past.

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Date Created: 22 December 2016

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