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‘Match-making’ service for snowsports launched

Ongosa, a match-making website that connects snowsports enthusiasts with a friendly face in ski resorts, has launched for the coming winter season.

Experts believe it has the potential to be the next big thing for travellers, as it aims to give snow sports enthusiasts the opportunity to connect with those more experienced than themselves.

As it stands, British travellers are usually reliant on recommendations for their travel agent, tour operator or hotel and risk being given advice that does not suit their needs or level of expertise.

This can result in a more junior, less qualified, or unsuitable instructor being assigned, with no input with regards to preference from the client.

Ongosa aims to target travellers who do not want a regular guide or instruction, but who still want to understand where to find the best slopes and snow.

Through careful match-making, involving more than 4,000 recommended snowsports pros, the app gives visitors access to a truly local expert and friendly face once they arrive at their resort.

Richard Smith, who is responsible for the app, said: “Having spent several years as a seasonaire in the Alps, I realised that I had this fantastic network of personal recommendations there that was hard for tourists to tap into.”

‘Ongosa’ means to guide or to lead in Swahili, reflecting the ethos of the business, which is to give everyone the chance to access the best guides and instructors.

Mr Smith has worked hard to make the whole process of using the app as simple as possible and those looking for a local expert contact Ongosa with an outline of their dates and requirements.

Ongosa’s team will then respond with three matched and pre-vetted guides or instructors, before passing no details of how to book and contact them directly, either via phone or online.

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Date Created: 17 November 2016

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