Edinburgh airport ‘masterplan’ to boost tourism further

Proposals to expand Edinburgh airport to ensure it is capable of meeting demand during the next 25 years have been revealed.

The ‘masterplan’ focuses on meeting rising passenger numbers as the popularity of the Scottish capital continues to grow.

A six-week long consultation is now underway into the plans that focus on expanding ground operations – a separate consultation will look at air space changes in 2017.

The proposals include the closure of a second contingency runway, which is considered not suitable for frequent use and the expanding on the terminal building.

This will see greater parking areas for aircraft while the airport has revealed it wants to safeguard land for a potential new second runway too.

According to the airport, an additional runway would not be required until around 2050, but it does mean land needs to be kept aside for it.

Airport Chief Executive Gordon Dewar explained that more growth in passenger numbers has occurred in the past three years than in the previous decade.

He added that one million more passengers have used the network every year since 2012, while it has added more routes to more destinations and with more carriers.

Describing this growth as “good for Scotland”, he added that a separate study has suggested the airport generates nearly £1 billion for the Scottish economy annually and supports 23,000 jobs.

From the spectacular old fortress that is Edinburgh Castle to its Royal Botanic Gardens and National Gallery, the city is packed full of things to see and do.

The sixteenth century Holyrood Palace, the National Museum of Scotland and Princes Street – renowned for its shopping – are also popular with visitors.

Mr Dewar believes the airport is closely linked to the future development of Edinburgh and says they want to focus on the billions of people that could visit the country in years to come.

He adds that the masterplan is an essential part of the process, as it details how Scotland’s tourism sector can remain a success.

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Date Created: 16 November 2016

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