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London named world’s best city in new research

New research has named London as the world’s best city for its airports, restaurants and shops, beating competition from New York and Sydney.

The rankings, compiled by consultancy company Resonance, show that the UK capital, with its blend of world class restaurants, diverse culture and luxury retail, is the best city in the world.

London beat other global powerhouses, including New York, Paris and Sydney to secure first place in the rankings.

According to the report, London has managed to take advantage of a ‘global obsession’ originating from a very successful 2012 summer Olympics.

The report was based on six factors, including the ethnic diversity of a city; the perceived quality of a city's natural and built environment; the number of institutions such as universities; the arts, culture and entertainment offering; the amount of employment and GDP; and the quality and quantity of online reviews such as those on TripAdvisor.

Named in second place in the rankings was Singapore, which was recognised for its transformation into one of the most prosperous cities in the world – the city is also well renowned for its low unemployment and crime rate.

Popular capitals New York and Paris came in third and fourth respectively, with both receiving applause for the range of culture and entertainment options on offer to tourists.

The USA also boasted two other cities in the top 10, with Los Angeles and San Francisco finishing in seventh and ninth respectively.

Sydney was Australia’s only placing in the top ten, finishing in fifth place, whilst Amsterdam and Tokyo completed the rest of the rankings.

London was also recently named as the best city in the world in a PwC report, helping to cement its reputation as a hotspot for culture, tourism, finance and more.

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Date Created: 10 November 2016

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