Virgin trains launches global first Explorer app

Virgin Trains has launched a global first in rail travel technology, as its new Explorer app can help customers navigate their way around stations to find friends, shops and platforms.

The App will be available to customers on its east coast route and will allow real time automatic sign translation for international customers to read signs in their own language.

Updates for the app are already planned and include adding messaging capability, real time travel data and baggage tracking.

There are also plans in place for other features in the near future, including independent navigation for the visually impaired.

There will be audio cues to guide customers around the station, routing them through the best path possible – such as taking the lift instead of stairs for example – alongside location-based notifications that will tell customers if they are on the right train.

Virgin Trains’ Explorer app is free for both IOS and Android users and has been launched initially at King’s Cross before being rolled out to stations right across the east coast route later in the year.

The plan is for the initial launch to be used to gather customer feedback on the app, and then gradually integrate the feedback into any future updates that take place.

The introduction of the technology is a huge step for Virgin who are aiming to improve every element of the customer journey.

David Horne, managing director at Virgin Trains on the east coast, said: “By offering an easy and accessible way to navigate stations we hope that our customers can enjoy all that stations have to offer.”

The innovative app is the first in the rail industry and is open to a range of potential features which utilise the technology to enhance customers’ experiences.

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Date Created: 25 October 2016

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