Travelzoo reveals the best value European autumn destination

ParisTravelzoo has revealed which European city destinations offer the best value for travellers this autumn in the aftermath of the European Union referendum decision.

The EU vote has had a significant impact on the pound, which is in the process of recovering from a three-year low against the euro least month, meaning UK consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the fluctuating cost of travel.

Autumn has always been a popular time for travellers to enjoy a city break, particularly in Europe, and the good news is that there are some great deals in major cities such as Berlin and Paris.

Whilst Paris, France, can often be seen as quite expensive, Francois Navarro, the head of the city’s tourism authority, says that 5-star hotels are reducing their rates, making them 25%-40% cheaper than usual to try and entice customers into the city.

Berlin, Germany, is steadily increasing in popularity too; the city had more than 30 million overnight stays in 2015, making it the third most popular city in Europe, behind only London and Paris.

Travelzoo’s deal experts found that flights are 45%-63% cheaper with Ryanair throughout September when compared to the same time last year, highlighting how a break to the German capital can represent great value.

With warm weather all year round, Porto, Portugal, has been found to be the perfect city break destination – especially when it comes to food and drinks as Travelzoo found a beer can cost less than one euro.

Surprisingly, also found to offer great value is Gibraltar, located to the south of mainland Spain. Travelzoo’s deal experts found flights from the UK with Monarch this month are 37% cheaper than they were in the same month last year.

The destination has also proved to be affordable once there as well, as a beer can cost £3 and a meal for two can cost under £30.

If you’re thinking of travelling abroad this year, be sure to organise your European travel insurance in advance.

Date Created: 28 September 2016

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