New Google Trips app can enhance your holiday experience

Google TripsYou may have already used Google to plan your holidays in the past, but now there’s a dedicated app aiming to make your travels stress-free.

While you’re probably familiar with Google Maps or Translate – both invaluable tools when abroad – the new app aims to simplify the process of organising a trip.

Described as a ‘personalised tour guide in your pocket’, Google says it aims to help the three quarters of travellers that told a survey that found planning a trip difficult.

It requires access to your Google account and recognises when you book flights, accommodation and rental cars for a trip, before then developing an itinerary based on the details.

A wide range of suggestion lists then appear alongside recommendations from friends, while users can also plan their own days if they have done any of their own research.

For those wishing for even more guidance, some pre-built day plans are also included for certain locations.

You won’t need a Wi-Fi or data connection when on your trips either, as users can download details to their devices that are accessible at any time.

Given there is often a lack of reliable connection in many locations when travelling, or that it can be costly to log on, the free to download app for iOS and Android could transform trips overseas.

Google Trips excels when it comes to sightseeing itineraries, while the Telegraph has suggested that the Gmail links to email confirmations are “a little rough around the edges”.

If you can access the service overseas, you can browse sights from lists including ‘Top Spots’, ‘Nearby’ and ‘Local Favourites’ as well as a ‘Now’ section for sights that are open when you log on.

Points of interest also appear on a map enabling users to see distances from nearby transport links or other tourist locations.

It provides an alternative to the popular TripIt app which includes any similar features, although TripIt also works with and Yahoo Mail.

If you’re thinking of travelling abroad this year, be sure to organise your European Travel Insurance in advance.

Date Created: 22 September 2016

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