Demand for Emirates’ Manchester to Dubai route grows

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Emirates has reported a growing demand for its Manchester to Dubai route, reporting a 9.5% annual growth on 2015.

The amount of passengers that have flown between the two cities has hit 610,000 according to Emirates, who are all set to hit the record milestone of 1,000,000 throughout the 2016 financial year.

Since beginning its first full year of operations in 1991, in which it carried just 17,000 passengers from the region, Emirates’ presence at Manchester Airport has increased significantly.

Subsequently, the airline has carried over nine million people to the UAE and beyond, with popular destinations including Mumbai, Singapore, Perth and Bangkok.

Emirates’ continuing commitment to the region has been shown through the announcement that a third daily A380 service will now be added from January 2017, adding an additional 11% of capacity.

Laurie Berryman, Emirates vice president, UK, said: “Manchester was the second route launched in the UK and it remains just as important to our operations today as it was 25 years ago.

It will be a significant moment for the airline if they are able to hit one million passengers, which will only strengthen their commitment and contribution to the region.

Currently, Emirates are the only airline employing the A380 aeroplane outside of London, with an additional service also set to be introduced.

The airline has also had a significant influence on the north-west’s economy, which has grown alongside its expansion at Manchester Airport and connected local people and businesses to markets and global destinations.

An investment of £1.5 million has also been made in the Emirates Lounge, which opened at Manchester Airport in October 2009.

Emirates currently employs 30 permanent staff at the airport, while its European customer contact centre, based in Manchester, employs over 350 people.

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Date Created: 19 September 2016

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