Late summer sun in UK sees drastic rise in countryside bookings

CountrySideLast-minute UK holiday bookings to the countryside have seen a dramatic 272% rise this week due to a late summer heatwave, according to outdoor accommodation specialist

The dramatic increase in year-on-year sales has largely been prompted by the high temperatures seen in September, as those from the city flock to the countryside to take in the last of the summer sun.

When it comes to spontaneous sunshine-inspired bookings, those from Birmingham top the list, with figures up 490% when compared to this time in 2015, following by Edinburgh up 371% and Sheffield up 205%.

Those looking to capture the last of the sun are helping sites outside of the traditional glamping and camping hotspots, such as the Westcountry which is a hugely popular area.

There was only one spot taken up by a Westcountry site in the top 10 spots booked over the last few days, with the most common being areas an hour or two outside of major UK cities, like London and Birmingham.

The top five locations over the last couple of days, according to, are Derbyshire, North Yorkshire, Worcestershire, East Anglia and Berkshire.

As a result of the warm weather, the outdoor accommodation specialists’ September sales figures had already increased by 80%, but due to the heatwave there has been accelerated growth to 171% by Sunday, 211% on Monday and 272% on Tuesday.

Interestingly, the rise has also coincided with an increase in mobile bookings, which have risen by 459% year on year and account for 36% of all bookings made.

According to the rise in mobile bookings is due to people using them to make impulse purchases, with booking habits having a direct lick with external factors such as weather.

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Date Created: 15 September 2016

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