New price index reveals countries with the cheapest air fares

FlightIndia has the cheapest domestic flights in the world, according to a new price index that measures the difference in flight prices around the globe.

The index was created by online travel agency and found that domestic flights in India cost just £1.75 per 100km.

The UAE meanwhile has some of the priciest domestic flights, with the cheapest option available to travellers costing a massive £140.14 per 100km.

Over a million flights from 75 countries around the world were taken into account in order to calculate the index, working out the cost per 100km for both international and domestic travel with legacy and low cost airlines also taken into account.

Domestic flights were calculated by using the average of flight costs from the country’s capital to up to five major cities within the country, or a major city in a neighbouring country if there were not any domestic flights available.

Whilst a lot of Brits may think flying in the UK is quite expensive, the index found it to be the fourth cheapest for domestic flights, finishing behind the USA.

However, when looking at international flights, which was calculated by looking at the cost from the capital of each country to five international hubs within the same continent, China was found out to be the costliest.

The country’s low cost carriers only change an average of 94p per 100km, white its legacy airlines cost £2.19 per 100km.

The most expensive country for international flights was Canada, charging an average of £33.77 per 100km, whilst the cost of its legacy airlines were considerably more expensive at the difference in flight prices around the globe £73.14 per 100km.

International flights from the UK cost an average of £12.25 per 100km, making it the thirteenth most expensive out of all 75 countries.

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Date Created: 08 September 2016

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