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Tourism levels for Rio Olympics above expectations

RioThe Brazilian tourism sector enjoyed a significant boost thanks to the overall success of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, according to the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism.

The arrival of the games saw 541,000 international tourists in Brazil from 1st July to 15th August, meaning there was an increase of 157,000 people in comparison to the same period in 2015.

A large reason for the arrival of some tourists was the decision to utilise a visa waiver for visitors from Australia, Japan, Canada and the USA, which benefitted nearly 75% of foreigners who travelled to Brazil.

Over half, (56.5%) of those surveyed by the ministry said that they were in Brazil for the very first time.

Vinícius Lummertz, president of peak tourism body, the Embratur Institute, insists they were surprised by the strong statistics, especially considering the risks that came with Brazil holding the Games.

It is believed that the positive findings will mean a brighter future for leisure tourism, new investments and businesses, as well as the injection of resources that can be used to improve Brazil.

The study has also revealed that the vast majority of tourists found all the information they needed to organise their trip on the internet.

Embratur has since launched a Visit Brasil portal, which should bring travellers in other countries a greater understanding of the attractions within Brazil.

Mr Lummertz said: “The internet is currently the main facilitator for tourists and the site recently launched by Embratur will attract even more of these visitors who wish to get to know more about Brazil and its riches.”

The final report on Brazil’s tourism sector will wait until the end of the year, in order to include the Rio 2016 Paralympics, which run from 7-21 September.

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Date Created: 07 September 2016

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