Cheapest UK city for a Bank Holiday getaway revealed

Bank holidaySheffield offers the best value for money for a long weekend away, according to new research from TripAdvisor.

The TripIndex UK Cities study found a trip to the Steel City costs travellers two thirds less than the price of a break to London, the UK’s most expensive destination.

A three night trip for two in south Yorkshire will cost an average £706, compared to a break in the capital which will cost £1,190.

The study compared the cost of a three-night getaway for two over the August Bank Holiday weekend across 20 of the UK’s most popular destinations, including Brighton and Edinburgh.

Included in the cost is a four-star hotel for three nights, lunch each day, a taxi to and from dinner, the cost of the meal itself, and a visit to four tourist attractions.

Results show that the north is the cheaper option, making up 10 of the cheapest destinations including Glasgow, Liverpool, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Blackpool, Leeds and Birmingham, which was recorded to be the most expensive for family days out.

Whilst the cost of visiting cities across the UK can vary greatly, one thing that remains consistent is the value that UK cities offer when looking at attractions.

A lot of the most popular attractions are largely free to enter – in Glasgow, the cheapest location when it comes to attractions, the five most popular are all free.

Travellers could expect to pay the most when getting into attractions in Birmingham, however that cost only adds up to £10 per person.

Unsurprisingly London came out on top as the most expensive destination within the UK, with the cost of a hotel totalling £205 per night.

However, London has a vast number of free attractions, meaning the average price per person was just £4.62, putting it in the top ten cheapest destinations for visitor attractions.

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Date Created: 17 August 2016

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