Almost half of Brits are booking a long-haul trip this year

BridgeNew research has revealed that almost half of British holidaymakers are set to enjoy long-haul trips this year, with the US the most popular destination.

Also revealed within the study, conducted by corporate payment solutions firm Wex, was an increase in travel spend this year, with consumers set to spend £2,924 on average on their holidays during the next 12 months.

Almost 80% of those spoken to said they will book all of their travel elements online, with half of those saying that it gives them greater access to lower prices and better deals.

The study, which spoke to 1,000 holidaymakers, found that 46% plan to travel to a long-haul destination, with 20% deciding on the US, whilst 11% are set on Australia.

Making up the top five most popular long haul destinations for 2016, were the Caribbean, India and Thailand.

Ian Johnson, Wex Commercial Director Europe, Virtual Payments, said British holidaymakers are eager to explore more of the world while on their travels, which is why they are looking further afield than Europe.

The research also found that a strong percentage of older travellers are set on seeing the world and are holidaying further afield as a result, with people aged 35-44 most likely to travel long haul (54%) – the percentage of over-55s heading further afield than Europe this year is 41%.

Despite the desire to travel further afield, short-haul destinations remain popular, with just under three-quarters (71%) planning at least one holiday closer to home within the next 12 months.

Spain has been found to be the most desirable destination, with 44% heading to the country, followed by France (18%), Greece (17%), Italy (15%) and Portugal (8%).

Mr Johnson believes the research shows that British consumers are continuing their love affair with travelling.

If you’re thinking of travelling abroad this year, be sure to organise your long-haul travel insurance in advance

Date Created: 16 August 2016

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