Fall of the pound results in a boost for UK tourism industry

TourismFlight bookings to the UK have increased since June, as the value of the pound dropped following the vote to leave the European Union.

Figures from travel researcher ForwardKeys has shown that there were 4.3% more flights booked to the UK in the 28 days following the vote than were made in the same period of the previous year.

Bookings were up by 30.1% from Hong Kong, whilst those from the US and Europe saw an increase of 9.2% and 5% respectively.

According to ForwardKeys, who analyse 14 million reservation transaction a day to interpret future travel patterns, Brexit has shown to have had an immediate and positive impact on tourism within the UK.

A large reason for the upward turn in bookings to Britain is thought to be down to the most favourable exchange rate in years.

A lower pound can drastically cut the cost of a holiday for foreign visitors to the UK and ForwardKey believes economic uncertainty and air traffic disruption have also proven to benefit UK tourism.

The figures have been backed up by other organisations, with British Airways reporting a rise of a third in the number of US customers searching for flights into Britain via its website.

Hotels.com has also found that hotel searches for UK destinations by Americans has also risen by 50% yearly since the vote for the referendum was cast.

Despite the EU vote, the number of tourists from abroad was on the rise, with VisitBritain, reporting a 6% rise in international visitor numbers for first three months of the year when compared to 2015. That equates to 7.36 million international visitors coming to UK shores.

According to VisitBritain, the weakened pound offers very good value for money for tourists, particularly those from big spending long-haul markets such as the USA and China.

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Date Created: 10 August 2016

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