Passenger world record broken by Ryanair

AirportRyanair has set a new world record for the highest number of passengers carried by an airline in one month.

New figures have shown that the Irish airline has become the first company to carry more than 11 million passengers in just a four week period. With the busy summer holiday period if full flow, July can often prove to be an extremely strong month for airlines.

Added on top of the seasonal boost, the amount of holidaymakers booking flights on Ryanair also increased by around 12%, largely due to cheaper fares. The airline has reported that its fares are down 10% on what they were last year, encouraging more customers to use its services.

Also, the load factor at Europe’s largest budget airline went up by one percent to 96% over the same month last year. Analysts at Liberum have predicted that August could be another record breaking month.

According to Ryanair's Chief Marketing Officer Kenny Jacobs, a large reason for the sustained success has been the airline’s ‘Always Getting Better’ programme which has continued to attract new customers and open up new markets.

The airline has also revealed that families in particular are flying in greater numbers this summer.

Although the French air traffic control strikes had a limited impact on the airline, there are more strikes predicated, and the airline has urged customers to take out travel insurance to protect themselves against any cancellations or delays that may occur.

Despite the hurdles that French air traffic control strikes and Brexit present, Ryanair has continued to win and lure in customers. Ryanair has suggested that it might reduce the amount of flights that are offered from London Stanstead in order to shift more focus towards airports away from the UK.

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Date Created: 08 August 2016

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