Research reveals the cheapest US city break options

TravelUSA holiday break to Washington DC is the cheapest option for those looking to enjoy a short city trip to the United States, according to research from the Post Office.

Post Office analysed the costs of 10 cities and found the capital, home to the Washington Monument and the White House, offers the cheapest price for a three-night trip for two before November.

The research took into account the cost of 11 different holiday expenses, including return airfare, a three-course dinner, sightseeing and accommodation.

Washington DC came out on top with a total cost of £1,757.80, while New York (£1,767.10) and Philadelphia (£1,832.21) came close behind.

A break to Chicago was ranked as the most expensive, with costs adding up to £2,223.64, however when taking out the costs of accommodation and flights the figure drops down to £556.64.

A large proportion of the total cost to each of the 10 cites was flights, with air fares to the east coast noticeably cheaper.

When taking out the cost of flights and accommodation, the cheapest destinations were Austin, Texas, followed by New Orleans and New York.

According to Andrew Brown of Post Office Money, flight prices can transform the overall cost of a US city break so they need to be factored in before choosing where to visit for a trip, especially if people are planning to travel before the presidential elections take place in November.

Mr Brown urged those looking to travel to the US to do their homework before booking, as it can mean making hundreds of pounds worth of savings.

The measurement of costs was released due to a growth in UK travel to the US, with the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reporting a 15% year on year increase in visitor numbers this month.

If you’re thinking of travelling abroad this year, be sure to organise your worldwide travel insurance in advance.

Date Created: 03 August 2016

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