TripAdvisor survey reveals world’s most expensive destination

TaxiNew York is the most expensive city in the world for a short break, according to a new survey from TripAdvisor.

The survey compared the cost of a three-night break for two people in 20 of the most attractive tourist cities during the summer, and the Big Apple was found to be the worst when it comes to value.

A number of factors were used to determine the cost including, a four-star hotel for three nights, a visit to three attractions, lunch each day, a taxi to and from dinner each day, plus the cost of dinner itself.

A break in New York City equates to a cost of £1,372, excluding the cost of flights into the city, which adds up to almost four times as much as the cost of a holiday in the world’s best value destination, Hanoi.

Those visiting the home of Central Park, the Empire State Building and Broadway spend over £800 just for accommodation in New York, whilst the cost of taxi fares reached £80 to £85, compared to just £6 in Bali.

A number of Asian cities were named amongst the cheapest destinations, whilst a break to Tokyo followed New York on the most expensive list, with London and Cancun coming in third and fourth respectively.

The cost of a three-night break in London is £1,060, with accommodation priced at an average of £604, whilst visitor attractions and dinner added up to £55.20 and £224.

At the other end of the table Hanoi was revealed to be the cheapest option for a three-night break, costing two people £373.29 – with accommodation costing just £177.46.

Finishing just about Hanoi came Mumbai and Cape Town, where a break would set travellers back £424.75 and £438.20 respectively.

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Date Created: 25 July 2016

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