Virgin Atlantic aids noise reduction strategy at Heathrow

HeathrowVirgin Atlantic has helped reduce noise at London Heathrow by replacing its old 747-400s with top of the range Dreamliners, according to the latest Fly Quiet League Table covering January to March 2016.

Alongside Virgin Atlantic; Air Canada, British Airways, Air India and Qatar have also taken significant steps to increase their use of the 787 Dreamliners on their routes involving Heathrow over the last year.

The work of the airlines has meant an overall 6% improvement in the total league table score, which collects the data of quieter aircraft at the airport.

Trying to phase out some of the noisiest planes is key to Heathrow’s Noise Blueprint strategy. The airport looks set to become the first European airport to be completely free of ‘Chapter 3’ aircraft, the oldest and nosiest classification – largely due to the big fees that airlines are charged in order to land them.

Airlines pay ten times more, on average, to fly Chapter 3 planes to Heathrow than they pay to fly Dreamliners, one of the quietest aircraft.

Improvement has also been made when it comes to airlines adhering to the noise preferential routes in the skies around Heathrow, as set by Government.

Heathrow Director of Sustainability and Environment, Matt Gorman, believes it’s encouraging to be able to see the results of the airport’s engagement with airlines in the latest Fly Quiet results.

Replacing aircraft with quieter types is one of the most efficient ways to reduce noise, and the latest standings point towards the progress that has already been made.

Mr Gorman believes there are numerous reasons why airlines continue to use their newest planes on Heathrow routes, including the fact they are highly sought after and that they are eager to offer passengers the best and quietest experience.

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Date Created: 22 June 2016

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