"Good weather guarantee" by Asian travel company

AsianTravelThe Holy Grail for many holidaymakers is the idea that good weather can be guaranteed and this is why some destinations with predictable sunny climates have long been favourites for Brits going abroad.

Now One Click to Asia (OCTA) has gone one step further and will offer cash to travellers who are affected by monsoons in the rainy season.

Rain refund

The idea that you could get a refund if it rains on your parade whilst on holiday is something that is bound to be of interest to anyone worried about the impact bad weather can have. So, from April to October this year, travellers booking a minimum seven-night trip to Laos with OCTA will be in line for a partial refund if their holiday is disrupted by heavy rain.

The way it will work is that for every day of three hours or more continuous rain, those who have booked with the company will get half of their daily trip cost back. What's more, the refund will be in the form of cash given to travellers during their stay as opposed to receiving more after they have got home or being offered a discount on future bookings.

Because the offer covers the traditional rainy season in Laos, it is seen by many as being particularly generous.

Ruined holidays

Laurent Granier, OCTA's Co-Founder, said: “When travellers read the phrase 'rainy season', they immediately think of monsoons, floods and ruined holidays.

“This means that Laos and its neighbours all suffer a big drop in visitor numbers during the rainy months. So we want to knock on the head the notion that travelling to Laos during the rainy season is unpleasant or impossible.”

Among the advantages of visiting the region during the rainy season is the fact that it corresponds with the spring and summer school holidays in Europe. Also, it is a relatively quiet time for visitors to Laos, which means that you can avoid the crowds and get the best deals on flights and hotel rates too.

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Date Created: 19 April 2016

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