Travelport signs four new collaborations

Travel portTravelport, the industry leading platform that enables travel agencies and intermediaries to design their own customised user interfaces, has announced four major new collaborations 

The link-ups with four innovative travel companies means Travelport's Universal Application Programming Interface (Universal API) will be used to power even more new services aimed at providing a greater level of information, choice and flexibility.

Universal API

The state of the art Universal API means that travel consultants, online travel agents and corporate booking tool providers can aggregate content delivered from multiple sources. This then allows them to build a cohesive display for the travel buyer that offers highly efficient search and comparison data alongside tools that allow for making reservations and payments.

The open platform concept also allows the best developers to build new offerings and this is a central part of Travelport's strategy to change its relationship with travel providers. The aim is to shift away from being cost-focused and offer a value-focused service instead. Last year an estimated 1,100 developers utilised the Travelport Universal API to come up with their own customised applications.

Win, win, win solution

Director of Skylord Travel Plc, Ujjwal Sehga, said: “We have been in the travel business for 33 years and our focus has been serving travel agents and retail clients across the UK with fares and ticketing services. With the introduction of branded fares and ancillary content from Travelport, we can really improve our service.”

By being able to offer agents and consumers the relevant travel alternatives based on the same information that previously was only receive on an airline's own website regarding branded fares and ancillary content, a company like Skylord can offer a more streamlined and efficient service to customers.

“It's a win, win, win solution for Skylord, our customers and the airlines,” Sehgal explained.

Travelport's Senior Product Manager, Open Platform, JP Ephithite, said: “With Travelport, innovative travel companies can realise their ambitions by developing travel solutions on our open platform. Our ability to help increase their revenues reinforces the value proposition of our travel commerce platform when compared to alternative distribution channels.”

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Date Created: 11 April 2016

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