Manchester Airport gets easyJet automated bag drop facility

Easy JeteasyJet has a long running association with Manchester Airport and now it is the first carrier to install a fully automated bag drop facility for its customers flying from the increasingly important UK hub.

Aimed at helping to further reduce check in queue times and enhance the customer experience, the new feature also makes up part of the £1 billion ten-year Manchester Airport Transformation Programme that was recently announced.

How it works

easyJet Welcome Hosts will welcome and guide customers into the auto bag drop area where their bags are weighed and a luggage tag is automatically generated. Tiny cameras then authenticate the tag information after passports are checked and the luggage travels along a conveyor belt to be loaded onto the aircraft.

Commercial Manager at easyJet, Ali Gayward, said: “We recognise that our customer's airport experience is a hugely important part of their overall journey and so we are delighted to have launched this new service for our customers flying from Manchester Airport.”

He added that the new self-service approach could provide a “glimpse into the future of airport design” while ensuring that easyjet customers can access the most innovative facilities.

11,000 passengers a day

Manchester Airport is an important destination for easyJet and this summer the airline expects to fly 65 flights a day and carry up to 11,000 passengers from there. It will base 11 aircraft at Manchester throughout the peak summer season.

“As we approach the summer, our busiest time of the year, we want to ensure that customers have a seamless journey through the airport, enabling their summer holidays to get off to the best of starts,” Gayward explained.

MAN-TP Director, Brad Miller, described the move by easyjet as “pleasing” before adding that he expects it to be popular with the airports 23 million annual passengers.

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Date Created: 07 April 2016

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