Survey says British holidaymakers will spend a month's pay on holidays

Holiday BeachOver a third of Brits are planning to spend the equivalent of one month's pay on their holidays this year, according to a new survey by online travel agent On the Beach. 

The study also revealed that more than a quarter of those who will be travelling abroad in 2016 intend to spend more on holidays this time round than they did last year.

One month's salary

The survey asked 1,000 people about their holiday spending plans for 2016 and the results showed that only 19% of those who took part said they were going to spend less compared to 2015, while the majority (51%) said they expected to spend the same amount as they did before.

The actual amount that just over one third of respondents (34%) plan on spending is equivalent of one month's salary and just over one in 10 (11%) expect to spend two month's worth of wages.

The survey highlighted how important a holiday is to the average Brit, as only 29% said they would sacrifice their holiday in order to use the money to spend on items such as clothing or a night out. The majority (71%) said they would give up anything else apart from their holidays.

Overseas destinations

The survey also revealed that staycations at home in the UK may be a trend that has had its day, as the majority of those who took part in the survey (82%) said they would be taking their holidays abroad this year. The other 18% said they would be holidaying in the UK.

Chief Marketing Officer at On the Beach, Alistair Day, added: “Holidays are so important to us that it seems we would pretty much give up everything else just to make sure we get our two weeks in the sun. Our survey shows that many British holidaymakers are planning to splash the cash this year with some planning on spending eye watering amounts of money on their holidays.”

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Date Created: 30 March 2016

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