American Airlines and Uber in door-to-door service link up


The travel industry is always looking for ways to innovate and offer new services to customers, and now a new hook up between carrier American Airlines and revolutionary taxi operator Uber looks set to introduce a fully door-to-door service.

The new partnership means passengers will benefit from a streamlined service that will pick them up at home or work and take them to the airport and back, cutting down on travel times, costs and inconvenience.

Seamless travel experience

The two companies will work together with the aim of providing a faster service with better airport navigation, as well as offering various rider and mileage promotions.

Scott Hinshaw, American Director of Partner Marketing at American Airlines, said: “We're excited to partner with the only global ride sharing service to offer customers exactly what they're asking for – a seamless travel experience, whether they're in the sky or on the ground.”

“By working together, we can provide a service that allows customers to request their Uber ride to the airport in step with their itinerary and know where to meet their Uber driver after their flight lands.”

US rollout

The first travellers to get to use the service will be those in America, where customers can now already set a reminder for an Uber ride by using the taxi firm's Ride Reminder app.

The process will work in this way: after booking a flight on, the airline will send the e-ticket confirmation by email and the customer can then use the "Remind me to Uber" icon to click and set a reminder for their taxi journey.

The new service is expected to appeal equally to business users and holidaymakers by offering what the partnership is calling a new travel experience.

Uber Head of Travel Partnerships Jonathan DiOrio explained: “We're excited to work with American Airlines to ensure passengers have a great door-to-door experience.”

New functionality on the American Airlines app now allows for navigation that guides customers to the nearest Uber pick up location at 11 airports across the USA.

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Date Created: 15 February 2016

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