Record number of UK visitors to Jamaica last year

British holiday habits are changing in light of uncertainties in various parts of the world, but some old favourites have been seen an upsurge in popularity.

Now the Jamaica Tourist Board has announced that visitors hailing from the UK & Ireland hit record numbers in 2015. In fact, Jamaica welcomed more than 200,000 of them across the year – the first time that landmark was passed.

Overnight stays in the leading Caribbean destination

Jamaica has long been one of the leading Caribbean destinations for UK and Irish tourists and their numbers increased by 12.2% last year when compared to the 12 months previously.

In all there were a total of 201,364 arrivals on the island, up from 179,433 in 2014. These figures only include holidaymakers who stayed overnight, so when cruise visitors are added to the total it means the actual figures were even higher.

Later this year a new direct flight route from Dublin to Montego will begin operating and so visitor numbers from the region are certain to increase even more over the summer and throughout the rest of 2016.

Different factors

Jamaica's enduring popularity with British and Irish holidaymakers can be put down to a number of different factors.

Of course, the natural beauty of the beaches and the all year round climate have long been a draw for many, however other elements over the past year have also played a part. The continued strength of the pound against the dollar is one and the reduction in fuel surcharges another, while the economies of both the UK and Ireland have continued to recover.

The island's own reputation for eco-tourism and sustainability offers a totally different kind of appeal for many, and the popularity of Montego Bay as a port for cruise liners is yet another element that adds to the mix.

A trip to Jamaica can be the holiday experience of a lifetime, so don't forget to make sure you are fully covered with Long-Haul Travel Insurance if you plan on going to the Caribbean this year.

Date Created: 12 February 2016

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