Instant hotel booking from TripAdvisor expanded

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The instant booking service for hotels operated by TripAdvisor has been expanded to include all the company's English speaking markets.

Anyone in Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore and South Africa will now be able to access the online service. TripAdvisor's platforms across desktop and mobile will offer the chance to conveniently book a hotel without leaving the site.

A global rollout

The new additions mean that instant booking from TripAdvisor is now available in 11 countries, as it was already live in the US and UK. A full worldwide rollout is expected by the end of the second quarter of 2016.

TripAdvisor's President Stephen Kaufer said: “We're excited to help even more travellers around the world conveniently plan and book the perfect trip on our site as we rollout instant booking to more global markets.

“The momentum we're building is remarkable and we look forward to continuing our expansion throughout 2016 with the help of our trusted partners.”


TripAdvisor now works with more than 70 hotel chains, groups and online travel agency partners including eight of the world's top ten leading hotel brands. The instant bookings platform is constantly integrating inventory from its partners so that more of their supply will be available in the near future.

TripAdvisor's partnership with Priceline Group which was announced last year has already led to the integration of the latter's inventory.

Book button

TripAdvisor instant booking works by simplifying the whole process via an easy to use online interface. Users can compare prices and then book hotel and online travel agency partners without leaving the TripAdvisor site.

The "book" button feature allows users to quickly identify which hotels are available for instant booking and all transaction and customer care details are provided by the TripAdvisor partner.

If you're booking a hotel online you can also arrange all of your Family Travel Insurance details well in advance too.

Date Created: 05 February 2016

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