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In-flight Wi-Fi roll-out planned for Jet Airways


Jet Airways, the Indian airline based in Mumbai which operates over 300 flights daily to 74 destinations worldwide, has announced plans to launch a Wi-Fi based in-flight entertainment streaming service.

The news is the latest in a line of initiatives from the airline, which is the second largest in India in terms of market share and passenger numbers and which operates out of its main hub at Mumbai with secondary hubs at Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata and Pune.

Streaming service

This new Wi-Fi service will mean travellers can access films, TV shows, music and a wide range of interactive games through their own personal devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops whilst in the air.

The new system is the result of a collaboration between the airline and Global Eagle Entertainment, which is a global leader in providing the travel industry with innovative content, technology and connectivity solutions.

The streaming service will be introduced to the Jet Airways fleet via its Boeing 737 Next Generation aircraft in the second quarter of 2016.

New age technologies

Gaurang Shetty, Jet Airways’ Senior Vice President of Commercial, commented: “Jet Airways has constantly innovated to adopt new age technologies to enhance the guest experience.

“This best-in-class, customer-focused initiative will provide superior entertainment and communication options to guests and we are confident it will set new benchmarks by delivering high quality, global entertainment content to guests' personal devices.”

Upgrade plans

There are already plans for the service to be upgraded from a streaming service to offer full broadband connectivity via satellite in the future, subject to regulatory approvals.

This would mean travellers on the carrier could browse the internet, send and receive e-mails, use social media and access all the other types of information available over a regular online connection.

The new system will be rolled out in phases with a user-friendly, interactive interface that allows a choice from the wide range of multilingual content that will be available on board.

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Date Created: 03 February 2016

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