New TripAdvisor app for devices with Windows 10

Trip Advisor App

The new app features TripAdvisor's tools which are so popular with British holidaymakers and business travellers.

Booking tools

The TripAdvisor instant booking platform will be just one of the comprehensive range of tools that the app contains. Instant booking allows easy comparisons for hotel options and prices and also gives up to the minute availability details which gives users everything they need to book their accommodation.

The popular reviews and ratings for restaurants and many other attractions are also featured and many are also bookable through the site.

The app gives access to more than 290 million user reviews and opinions covering hotels and other places of interest to travellers and there are also more than 46 million user generated photos, all covering an extremely wide range of locations across the world.

Mobile traffic

Director of Mobile Partnerships at TripAdvisor Rory Kenny said: “The new TripAdvisor Windows 10 app offers users a comprehensive resource to help them plan and book their trips.

“We are excited that Windows Phone users will now be able to plan, compare and book hotels, restaurants and attractions within the TripAdvisor app.”

Kenny went on to explain that the new app is recognition of the importance of mobile internet use to TripAdvisor, citing the fact that half of the company's traffic now comes via mobile.

Additional features

One of the new features included in the app is Near Me Now which is a tool that uses a Smartphone's GPS to navigate users to points of interest nearby.

The TripAdvisor software is already the world's most popular travel app, having achieved 215 million downloads to date as it is already available on iOS and Android devices.

Chief evangelist for Microsoft Corp Steve Guggenheimer commented: “Microsoft is excited with TripAdvisor's continued commitment to Windows 10 with the release of their new app built on the Universal Windows Platform.”

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Date Created: 29 January 2016

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