New survey reveals Britain's best airport links

Britains AirportAs any holidaymaker knows, getting to and from the airport can make all the difference to having a relaxed start to a getaway.

Now a new survey shows how Brits around the country fare when they try to get to their local airports and why some get airborne in a better frame of mind than others.

Public transport

Aviation minister Robert Goodwill recently suggested that people could be encouraged to use public transport links to get to and from airports with the introduction of “drop-off” fees to dissuade people from using cars.

However, the first-ever survey that looks at the UK's leading airports and their different transport links has revealed a big difference in the experience you will have around the country.

Three elements, including the cost, journey time and waiting time, were all taken into account in the survey by the Independent newspaper, using publicly available data.


Southampton came out on top as the clear winner, with frequent seven-minute train connections from Southampton Central to the Airport Parkway station which is only four miles from the city centre.

Birmingham and Manchester came in second and third place and that includes the fact the airports are twice as far from the cities they serve and also much bigger than Southampton.

London City and Heathrow are in four and fifth place, in part due to the fact that they are actually within the boundaries of Greater London which means travellers to and from them can access the flat fares of the city's zonal public transport system.

Mixed bag

With Aberdeen, Newcastle and Belfast City all beating Edinburgh and Glasgow; and Exeter, Inverness and Prestwick all coming higher in the list than Gatwick, Luton and Stansted, the fact that Brits looking to fly abroad have a mixed bag of airports to choose from has never been clearer.

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Date Created: 05 January 2016

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