New National Gallery in Singapore sure to be hit with tourists

New National Gallery in Singapore sure to be hit with tourists

SingaporeThe independence celebrations that have been going on across Singapore this year are due to hit a high with the opening of a major new tourist attraction on 24 November.

Housed in two of the most historic buildings in the city state, the opening event of the new National Gallery will cement 50 years of the independent nation.

Colonial buildings

The new museum is located in the former Supreme Court and City Hall, which date from 1937 and 1929 respectively, and both have been transformed from two of the island’s most iconic colonial buildings into a state-of-the-art institution.

It will be the first museum in the world solely dedicated to south-east Asian art and will feature a collection of 8,000 different works.

Major player

Visitors to Singapore already have plenty of attractions vying for their attention, but the breathtaking view from the new museum includes a vista which takes in historic Padang as well as the modern financial district skyscrapers and the towering Marina Bay Sands resort.

The National Gallery will have two permanent wings in the old buildings linked by internal footbridges and tree-like struts. They will be as big as the Musée d’Orsay in Paris or Tate Modern in London.

The sheer scale of the venture is a statement that Singapore wants to be seen as a major player in the world’s art market.


The new museum has taken four year to be built and Singaporeans are as eager as anyone else to see how the historic buildings have been made into something entirely new.

To appreciate how important the history of the building is, Admiral Lord Mountbatten accepted the surrender of the Japanese in City Hall at the end of the Second World War and Lee Kuan Yew declared self-governance from Britain there in 1959.

Out of 100 architects who pitched ideas for the new gallery, Studio Milou Architecture from Paris were the winners. With a vision that respects the original buildings they have also created a new contemporary structure which is sure to be a highlight of any visitor's trip to Singapore.

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Date Created: 18 November 2015

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